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     "Our baby girl turns a year old tomorrow, April 1st ... We’ll get a kick out of celebrating her birth in the same place she was born. That night a year ago might be my life’s most incredible experience...I was absolutely against having our baby at home. Home birth seemed antiquated, pointlessly dangerous, and weird. Why? Why add the risk? Why, after nine months of careful nutrition, sobriety, and whatever else lovingly undertaken for the baby’s and mom’s sake would a couple willfully reject the medicine, technology, and expertise of a hospital setting, for some idealistic roll of the dice? Why!"  FIND OUT WHY AT Matthew T. Day


     "Thinking of the time, care, and everything else Stacy put in to our prenatal care and labor brings me to tears. We always felt heard, informed and comfortable. Having her as our midwife was such a blessing and I only have positive things to say!"  

~Chynna K.


"Stacy helped me deliver all five of my children, including twins! She is extremely professional and personable. I always felt safe and comfortable with her. Stacy is full of information that helped me understand the birthing process and made the entire experience wonderful. I highly recommend her."  ~Debi D.


"My husbnd[sic] and I thoroughly enjoyed and were very comfortable with Stacy as our midwife. She was there with us for the birth of our last three children. She is top notch in my book."     ~Tania M.


"Stacy helped us with our home birth of out first child. She has well balanced knowledge of natural and hospital births, she was great with making sure we understood what was going on and let us make our own decisions. She has lots of experience with birthing babies and it really shows with how calm she is under pressure. If we decide to have a second child we will definitely be calling Stacy!"     ~ Amanda L.

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